About our product

Our product is used primarily on exterior new construction, however, we can go over existing areas such as patios, as long as there is about 2 inches of clearance.  Concrete is poured and a color hardener is worked into the surface.  This is the lighter color.  A release agent is then cast (the darker color), which allows the stamping tool to release and also gives it a more modeled affect.  After the concrete has cured, it is cleaned, highlights are added and sealed.  Not all patterns will use highlights. 

What to expect

On the first trip, forms are set, elevations are evaluated, drain pipes and sleeves, if needed, are installed and rebar is placed.

On the second trip, concrete is poured, colored and stamped.  You will need to stay off until it is cleaned.

On the third trip, plastic is removed, forms are removed, concrete is washed.  The concrete will have a chalky look until it is sealed (usually 3 - 4 weeks).  This allows time for the concrete to cure thoroughly so moisture is not trapped inside.  THIS IS NOT THE FINAL PRODUCT.  You may now use your Patterned Concrete, however, do no drag furniture or place any potted plants, metal objects or anything that could stain the unsealed concrete.  Do no drive on driveways for 4 - 5 days after cleaning.  Always rinse off chemicals immediately.

On the fourth trip, we will highlight (where applicable) and seal.  We will schedule the seal with you.  We prefer to seal after all construction is complete.  Please have all animals, furniture, potted plants, etc... removed from area,  Also, please turn off sprinklers and leave off for 24 house after completion surrounding the area to prevent the sealer from turning white. 

The final process includes power washing the area completely, any repairs that are necessary, grinding and coloring lines, adding highlights and sealer.  (Not all patterns will use highlights.)  We put a find grit in the sealer which gives the concrete better traction.